One and Done


One and Done is a revolutionary fitness routine that is taking the fitness world by storm and leaving personal trainers and gym professionals baffled! Why? Because it’s low impact and high performance. No matter your age or fitness level, people are losing weight and getting in shape at lightning speed. In just 14 days, you can trick your body into thinking it’s working harder than it really is by utilizing my revolutionary ‘Sprint Interval Training’ Technique. No running, no jumping… and no crazy cardio, crunches or curls. Just a series of dynamic + hyper focused strengthening movements. And here’s what’s mindblowing… the SIT Technique is only a 7 minute workout with an optional warm-up and flow-down for a total of 10 minutes max! Within the One and Done program you get lifetime access to the following:

  1. 14 Days of adaptive Workouts in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels
  2. 10 Day Keto Reset (PDF) to jumpstart the metabolism and put you on the fast track to fat loss
  3. 101 Red and Green Smoothie recipes (PDF) to help turn your body into a fat burning machine
  4. One and Done Manual (PDF) with visual instructions
  5. Exercise modifications to help you adjust the workouts to fit your specific needs