Svelte Life Series 9


  • checkDownload the Svelte Life Series 9 Recipes and make sure you go over the FAQs and Substitutions List. Plan on following the recipes as closely as possible to ensure the Best Results!
  • checkYou can use the 10 Breakfast, 10 Lunch, and 20 Dinner recipes in any order you like. Repeat your favorites to fill the month and add the Snacks as needed.
  • checkBefore starting the Series 9 Workouts, make sure you follow along to the Svelte Life Assessment to see if you should be using the beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts.
  • checkPlan on doing the workouts 3 days a week if you are a beginner, 4-5 days a week if you are intermediate, and 5-6 days a week if you are advanced.
  • checkEither follow along to the video or use the written manual and practice each exercise for 2-3 minutes to make sure you are 100% familiar with having great form.
  • checkConsistency is KEY! Do your best and remember to reach out to our support team, if you have any questions at all!


SvelteLife Series ​9Recipes

SvelteLife Series ​9Workout Guide


Use this before starting the workouts to determine whether you should start with the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Svelte Workouts.

  • checkIf you have a hard time completing ONE set of this workout, then please use the “beginner workouts”.
  • checkIf you can complete 1-2 sets without a problem, but the third set is difficult, use the “intermediate workouts”.
  • checkIf you are breezing through, then GREAT work! AND Please use the “advanced workouts”.



Beginner Demo

Beginner Workout

Intermediate Demo

Intermediate Workout

Advanced Demo

Advanced Workout

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